Dear girl in the audience…

Powerful expression of partnership between strangers, “Your story you find in my own and suddenly we aren’t so lonely any more. […] Suddenly the space between us has crumbled.”


Dear girl in the audience,

I want you to know that I saw them. The tears. They fell silent and I held them. Let them gather and pool in my palms. A gift. And I do not know when they began but I do know how tears can feel like redemption and how tears taste like ocean and how they are always the very thing that needed to happen but you do not realise it until they are falling. So splash me with them. Don’t hide away as if you are scared I might reject such emotion, such a naked sharing. You have given me more than I can possibly contain in the largest part of me. I rejoice with you. Though it may hurt this moment. I rejoice with you still.

There is a way that somebody may stand up here on this stage and give of themselves until…

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