The church that gives away assault rifles to whoever brings along the most new people

Inspiring story about the power of speaking from one culture to another, and the bigger picture of God that is opened-up.

Grace + Truth

AR15When I speak with Muslim friends in the UK, they will often express horror and disbelief at the terrible atrocities they see being done in the name of their faith by extreme Islamists.

Sometimes, I have a similar experience as a Christian too…

Yesterday a friend of mine, Mark Perrott, who now lives in the US, visited the First Pentecostal Church in Aberdeen, Mississippi. He had gone along as a visitor for the first time.

‘Killing machine’

Early on in the service, with children of all ages present, the Assistant Pastor got up to announce a competition for the church members.  They would be awarding a AR 15 rifle as a prize to whoever manages to invite the most new people to their church this month.

The Pastor happily described the AR15 as a “killing machine” and added that the prize winner would also get 100 rounds of ammunition thrown in too.

The church’s facebook page

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